OctopuX -
Fly Stock Auto-Transfer Machine

  1. The first AI automated high throughput vials-transfer system for flies in the world.
  2. Possess the fastest vials-transfer speed in the world.
  3. DroBot provides remote technical support for our clients.
  4. Safe, simple, and efficient operation.
Special design
  1. Rotation positioning platform
    1. A special platform for transferring EZ-Collect vials station by station.
    2. By using our platform, you can precisely and smoothly complete the vials-transfer process.
  2. CO2 filling module
    1. Injecting CO2 enables temporarily anesthetize the flies.
    2. Design for flies with safety and harmlessness.
  3. Auto-labelling system
    1. The system can automatically record barcodes and print the labels.
    2. Ensure the accuracy of the stock information.